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European rights court fines Greece over refugee deaths at Aegean Sea

The European Court of Human Rights has fined Greece $335,000 in a landmark case over the 2014 sinking of a refugee boat in the...

Russia again cuts natural gas exports to European countries

Prague (The Times Groupe)- Russian gas supplies to the European Union were cut again on Friday, including halving the supply to Italy and Slovakia, as countries sought to lessen their dependence on the Russian supply following the war in Ukraine.

European Court stops UK deportations to Rwanda

London (The Times Groupe)- UK deportations to Rwanda stalled after European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) steped in.

European Union to buy 110,000 doses of Monkeypox vaccine

Monkeypox (The Times Groupe)- The European Union will sign an agreement on Tuesday to buy 110,000 doses of vaccine to combat the ongoing Monkeypox outbreak, a senior EU official said.

WHO: European region is epicenter of Monkeypox, with 218 confirmed cases

Geneva (The Times Groupe)- The World Health Organization (WHO) has said that its European Region is the epicenter of the largest Monkeypox outbreak outside endemic areas in western and central Africa.

European leaders agree on Russian oil embargo

Brussels (The Times Groupe)- Member states of the European Union agreed late Monday to reduce their purchase of oil from Russia by 90% by the end of the year.

Monkeypox now reported in 8 countries in Europe: WHO

Geneva (The Times Groupe)- The World Health Organization (WHO) said Friday that at least eight countries in the European Region have reported cases of monkeypox in recent days, while Australia, Canada, and the US have also reported similar cases.

U.S. Monkeypox case reported, as U.K., Europe report infections in growing outbreak

Europe (The Times Groupe)- In the United States, a case of Monkeypox has been confirmed in a person who traveled to Canada recently. As of yet, no one knows if the man, who lives in Massachusetts and traveled to Canada by car, is connected to the Monkeypox outbreak in Europe.

Spain set to become 1st European nation to introduce 3 ‘menstrual leave’ for women

Madrid (The Times Groupe)- New proposed legislation will outline next week could allow women in Spain to take several days of "menstrual leave" from the workplace every month.

Russia says sanctions will not affect gas payments from Europe, bringing down gas prices

Europe (The Times Groupe)- The price of natural gas per megawatt-hour in Europe decreased by 4.3% on Tuesday amid reports that Russia told European buyers that they could pay for gas without violating sanctions.

Asian stock markets slip, European see slight recovery

Asia (The Times Groupe)- Asian stock markets were almost all negative on Tuesday, with only China showing gains, while European exchanges were on the rise after a difficult week.

Rise of far-right in Europe shouldn’t be underestimated

Europe (The Times Groupe)- The rise of far-right movements in Europe should not be underestimated, a prominent Spanish journalist and author on the subject warned Thursday.

EU changes electoral law of European Parliament

Brussels (The Times Groupe)- The European Parliament has adopted legislation Tuesday that would reform the law on parliamentary elections within the European Union.

US, European weapons hit in Odessa strikes: Russia

Moscow (Times Of Ocean)- Russia said it destroyed weapons supplied to Ukraine by the US and Europe and a runway at a military airfield near Odessa on Sunday.

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