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Russia again cuts natural gas exports to European countries

Prague (The Times Groupe)- Russian gas supplies to the European Union were cut again on Friday, including halving the supply to Italy and Slovakia, as countries sought to lessen their dependence on the Russian supply following the war in Ukraine.

Gazprom reduces gas supplies to Italy, France cut off

Rome (The Times Groupe)- Italian energy company Eni announced Friday that Gazprom will cut its gas supplies to Italy by 50%.

Gazprom to further cut gas supplies to Germany via Nord Stream

Moscow (The Times Groupe)- The Russian energy giant Gazprom said on Wednesday it would further reduce gas supplies through the Nord Stream 1 pipeline to 67 million cubic meters (2,366 million cubic feet) per day.

Austria stopped importing, refining Russian oil

Vienna (Times Of Ocean)- Austria has stopped importing oil from Russia, according to a post on a Telegram channel set up by Ukraine's Interior Ministry.

Russia-wary EU considers Israel-Turkey gas pipeline

Ankara/Jerusalem (Times Of Ocean)- A Turkey-Israel gas pipeline is being discussed behind the scenes as an alternative to Russian energy supplies for Europe, but a deal will require complicated negotiations, officials in both countries say.

Cutting Russian energy imports triggers economic crisis

Berlin (Times Of Ocean)- German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said that immediately cutting Russian energy imports would trigger an economic crisis.

Brent surpasses $120 over oil flow outage in Kazakhstan’s pipeline

Washington (Times Of Ocean)- As a result of reports that Russian and Kazakhstan oil exports via the Caspian Pipeline Consortium (CPC) from the Black Sea will be halted for one and a half months, Brent oil price spiked to $120 dollars a barrel.

EU is the largest buyer of Russian oil

Brussels (Times Of Ocean)- Over €17 billion has been imported from Russia since the Ukraine war began.

Gas prices retreat with supplies; unaffected by Ukraine crisis

Moscow (Times Of Ocean)- The price of natural gas in Europe fell 12% from Friday's closing price of €131 per megawatt-hour to €115 on Monday.

Russia becomes India’s second-largest oil supplier

Moscow (The Times Groupe)- Russia has surpassed Saudi Arabia to become India's second-largest supplier of oil, as refiners snap up the cheap crude oil offered by the Russians after the Ukrainian war, international media reported on Tuesday.

Russia earns $98B from fuel exports in first 100 days of Ukraine war

Moscow (The Times Groupe)- Russia has earned billions from energy exports as Russian fossil fuel exports totaled $98 billion during the first 100 days of invasion of Ukraine, most of it going to the European Union.

EU officially adopts sixth sanctions package against Russia

Brussels (The Times Groupe)- As the war in Ukraine continues, the European Union adopted its sixth sanctions package against Russia on Friday.

TotalEnergies to stop purchasing products from Russia

Paris (Times Of Ocean)- TotalEnergies announced Tuesday it would stop buying Russian oil and petroleum products by the end of this year, as well as suspend activities in the country due to Russia's war against Ukraine.

Russia’s war aims at erecting a new Berlin Wall

Berlin (Times Of Ocean)- Ukrainian President Zelenskyy called on German lawmakers to show leadership by strengthening support for Kyiv.

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