About Us

‘No Matter What Happens In Your Life, Always Try To Solve It In The Best Way’
— The Times of Ocean founders

The Times of Ocean is a cyberspace-based online newspaper founded in 2022 to document developments across the world.

It was established by a group of journalists, activists and developers. The group is responsible for the Times of Ocean (TO) editorial content.

The Times of Ocean has no partisan political affiliation or perspective. It furnishes the news fair-mindedly and provides timely and in-depth analysis, opinion pieces and research to improve relations between nation-states.

The Times of Ocean also dedicatedly conducts research and advocacy on topics such as social policy, political strategy, Politics, Economy, military, Opinion, Tech, Science, Health, Sport, Arts, Real Estate, Food, culture, Photos, Video, … .

The Times of Ocean also highlights developments from exiled-communities throughout the Diaspora. It kindly introduces its online platform as an unlimited and uncensored space for all writers, bloggers, journalists, thinkers, analysts and those who have been kept on the margins by the elite, and not allowed to publish by the media or think tanks.

The Times of Ocean plans to serve as a platform for constructive debate regarding people’s challenges worldwide.

The Times of Ocean is also happy to consider freelance contributions, to receive news and video content, and to host your blogs on its platform. To submit content, see our ‘Contact Us’ page.

The Times of Ocean kindly encourages its readers to respond to the material in their own names via Facebook, Twitter, Telegram.