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Biden vetoed delivery of jets for fear of provoking Putin

WorldBiden vetoed delivery of jets for fear of provoking Putin

Washington (Times Of Ocean)- U.S. president Joe Biden personally vetoed plan to send Polish MiG fighter jets to Ukraine. The Republican party accuses the US president of backing down whenever Vladimir Putin says “boo.”

Joe Biden decided to back out of plans to send Polish fighter jets to Ukraine, it has been revealed.

Joe Biden blocked plans to send Polish fighter jets to Ukraine over fears of direct conflict with Russia, it has emerged. CREDIT: NICHOLAS KAMM

Joe Biden vetoed a plan to send Polish fighter jets to Ukraine, fearing it could cause a direct confrontation with Russia.

Republicans have accused Mr Biden of being “timid” and backing down “every time Vladimir Putin says “boo”,” since the “rent-a-MiG” proposal was rejected by the president.

Approximately 40 of the 50 Republicans in the US Senate have signed a letter calling on Mr Biden to reverse his decision.

Republicans and Democrats alike supported the sending of planes after Volodymyr Zelensky pleaded for them to strengthen his air force.

Poland announced earlier this week that it would sell 28 MiG-29s to the US. It would have sent them to the US air base at Ramstein in Germany so they could be transferred to Ukraine, but the US rejected the plan.

As has now emerged, Mr Biden made the decision on his own, despite the advice of Pentagon officials and intelligence chiefs who believed it would be viewed as “escalatory” by Putin.

Senior military officials also told Biden that the planes would not significantly improve the effectiveness of the Ukrainian air force, and the gains would be small.

“They [the Ukrainian air force] don’t fly their fixed-wing aircraft very often,” a senior defence official said. Here, we’re not passing judgment.

We’re not making a judgment here. It’s just a fact.”

Mitt Romney, the Republican senator, has stated: “I believe we’re afraid of what Putin might do and what he might see as an escalation.”.

In fact, his armed forces are exposed in Ukraine, snarled up, unfed, and without fuel, and they are in a very precarious position.

“He has to think about what happens if he provokes us because they could be obliterated by the forces of Nato. Enough talk. People are dying. Send them [Ukraine] the planes they need.”

‘Ridiculous decision’

Tom Cotton, a Republican who sits on the Senate intelligence committee, accused Mr Biden of “timid hesitating half-measures”.
He said: “There is no intelligence that these aircraft, somehow uniquely, are going to be escalatory in Vladimir Putin’s eyes.
“This is only the policy decision of the president and it is a ridiculous decision, and it makes the United States look ridiculous.”
Mr Cotton added: “It is yet another instance in which Joe Biden has allowed Vladimir Putin to back him down by saying ‘boo’.
“If we continue to blink every time Vladimir Putin says ‘boo’ it’s not going to stop in Ukraine, it’s not going to stop in Europe.”

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