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The Blood Crying for Justice

The Renewed Sorrow of the Sister of an Assassinated Iranian Nuclear Scientist

Jonathan Pie: Welcome to Britain. Everything is Terrible. | NYT Opinion

So Liz Truss will be Britain’s next prime minister — the nation’s fourth in...

Raymond Arroyo: Does the president even know what he’s saying?

Raymond Arroyo recaps some of the moments from President Biden’s speech and calls for...

I Have Face Blindness. This Is How I Recognize You. | NYT Opinion

Descriptive audio is available for this video. Go to settings - audio track and...

National Archives letter unveils Biden's role in Trump raid

Fox News contributor Sean Duffy joined 'Fox & Friends First' to discuss the report...

The Blood Crying for Justice

The Renewed Sorrow of the Sister of an Assassinated Iranian Nuclear Scientist

Mullah is sly as a fox

Non-Iranian intelligence agencies do not appear to know what is going on. Several weeks ago, there was a flood of Israeli predictions of an imminent deal in Vienna but those fears have certainly not materialized and now even the Americans appear sceptical at the feasibility of a return to the JCPOA.

What Is The US Strategem On Islamdom?

The Biden administration is convinced that it will succeed in concluding a nuclear agreement with Iran (I am skeptical, I don’t think the Mullah’s...

Inside The Mind Of Vladimir Putin

There has been a wide range of attempts to pathologize Russian president Vladimir Putin to explain the Ukraine war. It is surprising that otherwise...

The Bermuda Triangle Of Lawbreakers

It’s been almost A hundred years since the relationship between Iran, China, and Russia has commenced. In the early 20th century, the Treaty of...

Iran’s Economy Free Fall Continues

Iran is located in Western Asia and covers a total area of 1,648,195 km2, which was inhabited by around 83 million people in 2019. Iran is...

We Have No Choice But Freedom

From Saddam's Second Qadisiyah[2] to China's New Silk Road, Iran is in the eroding process of history for the continuation of the criminal ruling sect in Tehran.

Iran’s Economy In Free Fall

Today, Iran faces immense challenges to its economy such as the devaluation of its currency, government budget deficits, high inflation, recession, debt, corruption, pension...

QI: American Foreign Policy As Conceived By Tehran

In 2019, a new American foreign-policy think-tank called the Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft (QI) was established in Washington, DC. The think tank describes its mission...

Who Assassinated Iranian Nuclear “Scientists”?

Ali Khamaneii (the “Supreme Leader”) always talks about “the enemy”, but isn’t it about time to find out to what extent this “enemy” truly exists?

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