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Egypt seizes assets of Muslim Brotherhood leaders

WorldEgypt seizes assets of Muslim Brotherhood leaders

Cairo (Times Of Ocean)- Earlier this month, the Egyptian authorities seized the assets of 20 leaders of the banned terrorist group of the Muslim Brotherhood.

The 20 leaders are prohibited from dealing with their own personal funds, real estate, movable and liquid properties, stocks and bonds listed on the Egyptian Stock Exchange, and all Egyptian accounts, deposits, bonds, and treasury bills.

Among those whose assets were confiscated were the two sisters of imprisoned leader Khairt El Shater, and the six sons of the fugitive leader Mohamed Ghazlan.

The leaders are as follow:
1- Mohamed Ahmed Mohamed Abdel-Awad.
2- Muhammad Sami Taha Rizk.
3- Ibrahim Abu Al-Wafa Badran Abu Al-Wafa.
4- Mustafa Abdullah Ibrahim Mustafa.
5- Nabil Youssef Hegazy Azzam.
6- Muhammad Hamid Hassanein Sharaf El-Din.
7- Adel Abdel Azim Abdel Qawi Ayyad.
8- Mr. Abdel Fattah Hussein Abu Dagher.
9- Ahmed Anwar Mahmoud Yousef Dabour.
10- Abdel-Aty Abdel-Aty Al-Fayoumi.
11- Sana Muhammad Saeed Sadiq.
12- Yahya Mahmoud Sayed Abdullah Ghazlan.
13- Anas Mahmoud Sayed Abdullah Ghazlan.
14- Hajar Mahmoud Sayed Abdullah Ghazlan.
15- Muhammad Mahmoud Sayed Abdullah Ghazlan.
16- Yasser Mahmoud Sayed Abdullah Ghazlan.
17- Abdul Rahman Mahmoud Sayed Abdullah Ghazlan.
18- Fatima Saad Abdul Latif Al-Shater.
19- Faten Saad Abdul Latif Al-Shater.
20- Mahmoud Ibrahim Khalil Hassan.
In accordance with a new law, the Egyptian state committee tasked with confiscating and managing the funds and assets of members of the banned Muslim Brotherhood (MB) has seized the assets of several entities due to their alleged links to the MB.
The Muslim Brotherhood was designated a terrorist organization in December 2013. Individuals included on Egypt’s terrorist list are not only liable to have their assets seized, but they are also prohibited from traveling and are placed on a watch list in case foreigners attempt to enter the country.

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