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GOP Ahead 5 for Midterms; Trump Ahead 3 for ’24

PoliticsGOP Ahead 5 for Midterms; Trump Ahead 3 for '24

Washington (Times Of Ocean)- Recent Emerson College polls indicate the Republican party will do well in the 2022 November midterm elections.

The poll found that Republicans hold a 5-point lead over Democrats in a generic ballot and that Former President Donald Trump holds a 3-point lead over former President Joe Biden in a hypothetical 2024 presidential race.

Registered voters were asked whether they would vote for a Republican or a Democratic congressional candidate in the 2022 midterms:

Republican 47.1%.
Democrat 41.8%.
Undecided 11.2%.

Democratic congressional majorities in the House and Senate might not be enough to prevent Biden from trailing Trump in the hypothetical presidential election of 2024.

The vote at the time of the Emerson poll:

Trump 44.9%.
Biden 41.9%.
Someone else 11.1%.
Undecided 2.1%.

“Biden struggles among independent voters: Just 28% approve of the job he is doing, while 64% disapprove,” Emerson pollster Spencer Kimball wrote in the analysis Tuesday. “When looking at the midterm generic congressional ballot, independents break 28% for Democrats, 42% with Republicans, and 31% are undecided.”

Trump also enjoys a 12-point favorability advantage over Biden:

Trump somewhat or very favorable 59%.
Biden somewhat or very favorable 47%.

“Region and education are important demographic differences,” Kimball said. Trump leads Biden 47% to 38% among suburban voters, and 59% to 35% among rural voters, whereas Biden is supported by 54% to 30% of urban voters.

“Regarding education, Trump leads among those without a college degree, 51% to 33%, while Biden leads among those with a college degree or more 52% to 37%.”

Most voters (83%) are experiencing inflation hardship under Biden, who has just a 43% approval rating in the poll.

According to a majority of voters, rising gas prices are the fault of the sitting president, who has attempted to spin the blame as “Putin’s Price Hike”:

Biden administration to blame 39%.
Russian sanctions 21%, which critics would argue are also technically a function of the Biden administration.
Gas and oil companies 18%.

The Emerson College poll was conducted March 18-20 among 1,023 registered voters and has a margin of error of 3 percentage points.

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