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Talks between Iran and Saudi Arabia held in Baghdad

PoliticsTalks between Iran and Saudi Arabia held in Baghdad
Tehran (Times Of Ocean)-  Saudi Arabia and Iran have held their fifth round of direct talks in Baghdad, a source close to Iranian security forces has confirmed.
According to Nournews, affiliated with the SNSC, senior members of the Iranian Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) and Saudi Arabia’s intelligence chief, Khalid bin Ali Alhumaidan, attended. The news service did not mention the date of the meeting.
According to the media, the main challenges to re-establishing relations between the two countries were discussed in a “positive” atmosphere that “painted a brighter outlook” for the future of bilateral relations.
Additionally, the talks could pave the way for a meeting between the two foreign ministers.
In 2016, Tehran and Riyadh cut off diplomatic relations.
Both sides have said they hope the talks will ease bilateral and regional tensions, but have downplayed the odds of a major breakthrough.
Iran and Saudi Arabia have been in direct talks since April 2021, and in addition to Iraq, Oman also played a part in organizing the latest round.
Iran’s representative office at the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) in Jeddah appears to be the only tangible result of the direct talks thus far.
Last month, Iran “temporarily suspended” talks with Saudi Arabia without giving any reason.
Saudi Arabia executed 81 people in one day, many of them Shia Muslims in a Sunni-majority country.
Six years ago, the two regional powers severed diplomatic ties after crowds attacked the Saudi embassy in Tehran in response to the execution of a prominent Shia religious leader.
Similarly, the two countries oppose each other in Yemen, where Iran supports the Houthi movement and Saudi Arabia leads the coalition fighting on behalf of the internationally recognized Yemeni government.
Yemen has entered a two-month truce brokered by the UN.
This week, Saudi Arabia backed the formation of a new eight-member presidential council.
Iran, meanwhile, has called for an end to the war and is holding talks among Yemeni stakeholders without foreign involvement.

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