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Podcast cancelled, Trump asks ‘Whatever happened to free speech?”

WorldPodcast cancelled, Trump asks 'Whatever happened to free speech?''

Washington (Times Of Ocean)- After correctly predicting that Big Tech would cancel a video of a candid interview he gave at Mar-a-Lago, the former president of the United States asked in a statement: “Whatever happened to freedom of speech in our country?”

YouTube removed Trump’s hour-long interview with “Full Send Podcast” on Thursday night.

Instead of the video, a message was posted to the podcast’s link saying, “This video has been removed for violating YouTube’s Community Guidelines.”

“Incredibly, but not surprisingly, the Big Tech lunatics have taken down my interview with the very popular NELK Boys so that nobody can watch it or in any way listen to it,” Trump said in a statement. “Interestingly on the show I told them this would happen because Big Tech and the Fake News Media fear the truth; they fear criticism about Biden, and above all, they don’t want to talk about the Rigged 2020 Presidential Election — all topics discussed.”

The four young men hosting the show never imagined the podcast would be canceled, but after about 24 hours on YouTube, it was.

“Don’t apologize,” Trump told them during the interview, predicting the cancellation. “When they come at you, please don’t apologize.”

Trump had the same message for podcaster Joe Rogan when he was being attacked for questioning COVID-19 vaccines and for having previously quoted people using a racial slur.

As Trump said in the now-deleted video, “Joe Rogan is not a racist.”

“I did tell him one thing,” the former president said. “Stop apologizing.”

In the interview, Trump was quite critical of President Joe Biden’s administration, but it was not immediately clear how the video violated YouTube’s standards.

“In Russia, the people are not allowed to know that they’re fighting a war with Ukraine, that’s where our media is going, and that’s where our Country is going because it quickly follows — just study history,” Trump said in his statement. “Are we going to allow this to happen? Our Country is going to hell! We need freedom of speech again, we don’t have it and it’s getting worse every day!”

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