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Germany has no plans to develop supersonic weapons

WorldGermany has no plans to develop supersonic weapons

Berlin (Times Of Ocean)- Germany says it does not currently have a plan to produce supersonic weapons.

According to a spokesperson for the German Defense Ministry, the German arms industry is not working on supersonic weapons, which Russia used in Ukraine.

“Currently, I cannot confirm whether any German projects are underway, he said. It is a matter that concerns us, and it is being considered regularly for its construction in the future.”

Countries developing hypersonic weapons

United States

The U.S. military has requested $3.8 billion to develop hypersonic weapons for the fiscal year 2022 and another $246.9 million for hypersonic defense research.


Russia has been developing hypersonic weapon technology since the 1980s. Russian military officials announced Saturday, March 19, that hypersonic missiles were fired for the first time in Ukraine, targeting what they said was an underground weapon storage site.


China is developing hypersonic cruise missiles and hypersonic glide vehicles, according to U.S. government officials, and at least one missile may now be capable of carrying hypersonic glide vehicles.

North Korea

North Korea has successfully test-fired two hypersonic missiles this year, according to state-run Korea Central News Agency, one on January 5 and the other on January 11.

Hypersonic weapons are being also developed by Australia, India, France, Germany, and Japan. Iran, Israel, and South Korea are also reported to have carried out “foundational research” on hypersonic weapons.

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