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Scholz says Putin’s offensive in Ukraine “stuck”

Russia Ukraine WarScholz says Putin's offensive in Ukraine "stuck"

Berlin (Times Of Ocean)- German Chancellor Olaf Scholz says despite the daily assaults by Putin’s troops, the Russian invasion of Ukraine has stalled. Kyiv can “count on our help,” Scholz said.

“Putin’s offensive is stuck despite all the destruction that it is bringing day after day,” Scholz says, adding that the Russian leader “must hear the truth” that the war is destroying not only Ukraine, “but also Russia’s future.”

Scholz insists that Germany stands by Kyiv, but says he will not endorse NATO calls to help set up a no-fly zone over Ukraine or to send in “peacekeeping troops.”

We will not give in on that, he says, adding that Germany will not risk a direct military conflict between nuclear-armed Russia and NATO.

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