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Greenpeace urges French nuclear firms to cut ties with Russia

PoliticsGreenpeace urges French nuclear firms to cut ties with Russia

World (Times Of Ocean)- In response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Greenpeace urged French energy firms EDF and Orano on Tuesday to end nuclear relations with Russia.

EDF has contracts with state-owned Russian firm Rosatom in several areas including fuels, construction, and operation of reactors, according to the environmental activist group.

According to Greenpeace, Orano has deals related to radioactive waste and reprocessing uranium.

“We give you formal notice to cease as soon as possible all business and commercial relations in the nuclear sector contributing to the violation of human rights and fundamental freedoms by the Russian state,” Greenpeace said in letters to the two companies.

A banner reading “Nuclear: Stop Russian contracts” was displayed in front of EDF’s HQ in Paris by Greenpeace activists.

The European Union has spared Russia’s energy sector from sanctions related to the February 24 invasion.

According to Greenpeace, France’s trade code includes “vigilance measures” that require companies to prevent violations of human rights and environmental damage.

According to the NGO, the war and Russia’s seizure of Ukrainian nuclear power plants violate all international, European and national nuclear safety and security standards.

By maintaining their links with Greenpeace, EDF and Orano are complicit in these violations.

Orano’s spokesman said the company strictly adheres to the sanctions imposed by French and European authorities.

“We can only regret the cynicism of Greenpeace which instrumentalises the tragedy that the Ukrainian people are going through to promote their anti-nuclear ideology,” the spokesman said.

EDF declined to comment on Greenpeace’s letter, saying the organization may decide on its activities “depending on the evolution of the situation and the measures taken by the authorities”.

EDF continues to operate normally despite the sanctions adopted so far.

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