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Iran Deploys Military To Border With Afghanistan

WorldIran Deploys Military To Border With Afghanistan

Zahedan (Times Of Ocean)- Iran has dispatched its troops to the Afghanistan border area after tensions with Taliban border guards.

Videos are going viral on social media indicate Iran has dispatched military units to the border area with Afghanistan following tensions with Taliban border guards.

According to a video published early on Tuesday on Khabar Online, the 88th Armored Division of Zahedan – a part of the Army’s ground forces – is on its way to the border.

Several Iranian tanks and armored vehicles are seen heading toward the Afghan border in the video.

Several users also shared a video showing the evacuation of the parking lot at Dogharoon’s (Dowqarun’s) border customs. In the video, someone says that the area is being evacuated because “they are predicting a war.”

In Afghanistan, some accounts have also posted videos of Iranian helicopters stationed near the border.

Afghanistan’s Taliban have not yet commented on the move.

Semi-official ISNA news agency says some of the videos were not related to the Iranian Army, and “the ground forces have always been stationed and patrolling the eastern borders round the clock”.

Saeed Khatibzadeh, the spokesman for the Iranian foreign ministry, confirmed on Monday tensions between Iran and the Taliban on the Dogharoon border. Tehran has informed Kabul about its concerns.

“I hope our border guards did not cause misunderstandings on the Iranian-Afghan border… The repetition of these issues is a serious matter,” he said.

The border crossing between Iran and Afghanistan was temporarily closed after a dispute on Saturday between Iranian and Afghan border guards.

Iran’s border guards and the Taliban escalated tensions at the Islam Qala border when Iranian forces intervened to stop a Taliban construction job, The Times Of Ocean has learned on April 23.

Since the Taliban took control of Afghanistan last year, there have been some incidents at the border.

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