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Islamo-Communists; Implications of Communism for Iran

ArtsIslamo-Communists; Implications of Communism for Iran

(Times Of Ocean)- As guerrilla groups, Iranian Marxists (Communists) dedicatedly worked for globalists and Islamists (Islamic mercenaries) to defeat the Pahlavi dynasty through assassinations and armed struggles.

The Islamic Revolution in Iran was also associated with a so-called intellectual feed — the body of Islamo-Communism ideas and strategies that informed the social order revolutionaries desire and the ways to achieve it in the 1970s Iranian society.

Even though the Islamic Revolution (as a movement) might in fact emerged without participants of Marxists’ preconceived notions. Actually, the Commiunist philosophical ideology did matter on how the Islamic Revolution could proceed.

As part of the radical political revolt of the 1970s, the Islamic Revolution was aprized by a powerful anti-imperialist, anticapitalist, radical anti-democracy, and radical Islamist impulse.

This is how the Iranian communists fueled violence by the revolutionaries during the 1979 Islamic Revolution in Iran and, in fact, used poetry as a pretext for ordering executions and murders by Khomeinist courts:

I have a message for you
O’ Imam
That I am the tongue of the earthlings and the messenger of sufferings
Peace be upon you
You came
Welcome to you, blessed one who creates the uprising
the people
Take our rights
Grant our just deliverance
Do not put your drawn sword in the sheath
Now that your rope of power is tied onto it
While the sharpness of your bowie knife cuts through

Siavash Kasrai

By Siavash Kasraei, A poet and member of the Iranian communist party who warmly welcomed Khomeini’s triumphed to Iran as the messiah of so-called oppressed!

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