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Israeli Knesset passes bill to dissolve itself

PoliticsIsraeli Knesset passes bill to dissolve itself

Tel Aviv (The Times Groupe)- Israel’s Knesset voted on Wednesday to dissolve itself in preparation for early elections in October.

During Wednesday’s vote, 110 lawmakers supported the bill. Next week, there will be a second and third vote.

“It is expected that the procedures for ratifying the dissolution of the Knesset with three readings will be completed next Monday,” the Israeli Broadcasting Corporation said.

On October 25, early elections will be held, according to the bill.

Naftali Bennett and Yair Lapid announced on Monday evening that the Knesset would be dissolved and early elections would be held.

After the elections, Lapid will head a transitional government until a new Cabinet is formed after the Knesset approves the bill. tel aviv Israel’s 

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