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Lebanon holds parliamentary elections amid severe economic crisis

PoliticsLebanon holds parliamentary elections amid severe economic crisis

Beirut (The Times Groupe)- Lebanon holds parliamentary elections on Sunday amid an economic crisis that has pushed more than 75 percent of the population into poverty.

An estimated 3.9 million voters will choose their preferred representatives from 718 candidates on 103 lists in 15 districts and 27 subdistricts, an increase from 597 candidates and 77 lists in 2018.

On election day, more than 170 EU observers will monitor procedures throughout the country.

Lebanon’s semi-democracy features a unique confessional power-sharing system. The country’s parliament is composed of 128 members equally distributed among its mosaic of Muslim and Christian denominations. The president of Lebanon is a Maronite Christian, its prime minister a Sunni Muslim, and the speaker of parliament a Shia Muslim.

The country’s electoral law assigns seats proportionately based on a two-vote system. Then, voters vote for their favorite candidate from a list of candidates running together.

Michel Aoun urged citizens to vote in large numbers in a speech on Saturday. “The revolution of the ballot box is the most honest,” Aoun said.

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