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Netanyahu warns against new Iran Nuclear Deal

WorldNetanyahu warns against new Iran Nuclear Deal

Tel Aviv (Times Of Ocean)- Benjamin Netanyahu, the former prime minister of Israel, warned against President Joe Biden’s efforts to revive the Iran nuclear deal, calling it a “dangerous development.”

“I think it would be a catastrophic development, and I choose my words carefully, to have a terrorist, rogue regime that is animated by a crazy ideology, that chants death to America, death to Israel, that wants to subjugate the entire Muslim world, that views everyone else as dangerous infidels that should be either subordinated to them or killed — to have the Ayatollahs have nuclear weapons is the most dangerous development on the world scene that we could possibly imagine, but that is exactly where this deal is leading,” Netanyahu told Fox News’ “Life, Liberty & Levin.”

“It is not preventing Iran from getting nuclear weapons,” he continued. “It’s going to pave their way to get nuclear weapons, and it’s paving their way with gold, with hundreds of billions of dollars that they are going to get to boot. A nuclear arsenal and hundreds of billions of dollars to purvey their terror, to purvey their aggression. That is crazy.” Iran

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