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Russia to arm Belarus with nuclear-capable missile systems

Moscow (The Times Groupe)- Russian President Vladimir Putin said Saturday that Kremlin plans to give Belarus the Iskander missile system, which is capable of firing missiles with nuclear warheads.

The central banks worldwide struggle to tame high inflation

New York (The Times Groupe)- In the midst of the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war, an increase in energy and food prices, and other issues, central banks are looking for ways to escape the high inflation swamp.

G7 summit kicks off under shadow of Ukraine war, stagflation risk

Schloss Elmau (The Times Groupe)- The German Chancellor Olaf Scholz will welcome leaders from the Group of Seven rich democracies to the Bavarian Alps on Sunday for a three-day summit overshadowed by the war in Ukraine and its far-reaching consequences.

Pentagon sees high risk of Russian airstrikes on Kyiv

Russia Ukraine WarPentagon sees high risk of Russian airstrikes on Kyiv

White House (Times Of Ocean)- The United States says there is a high risk of Russian attack (airstrikes) on the Ukrainian capital Kyiv.

A senior Pentagon official says Moscow’s claims of easing tensions around Kiev is “deceptive rhetoric” but does not mean risk of Russian airstrike has diminished.

“Although Russian soldiers have been reduced in number on the outskirts of Kyiv, the Russian airstrikes continue to threaten the Ukrainian capital.”

The number of Russian airstrikes in Ukraine has risen sharply in the past 24 hours, according to the German media.

The Russian withdrawal from around Kyiv is due to the fact that the troops failed to capture the city in the process of preparing for large-scale air strikes and focusing on the invasion of eastern Ukraine.

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