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Provocative behavior of Muslim immigrants at home led Germans to emigrate

WorldProvocative behavior of Muslim immigrants at home led Germans to emigrate

Asunción (Times Of Ocean)- Thousands of German citizens have fled home through Paraguay in the last 12 months because they are uncomfortable with Muslim immigrants at home.

As reported, the new immigrants left Germany because of government restrictions linked to the COVID19 pandemic and provocative behavior of Muslim immigrants at home as Germany is top destination for Muslim refugees in Europe.

At least 30 families have arrived in Hohenau (365 kilometers away from Asunción) in recent months and have settled in different parts of the city, according to Mayor Francisco Morales. Most of them live in a gated community called Manantial, which boasts an idyllic natural park.

For those against Coronavirus restrictions, who refuse to get vaccinated, or who are uncomfortable with Muslim immigrants at home, it is becoming increasingly difficult to participate in public life in Europe, especially Germany. They still have a lot to do, don’t they? Immigration seems to be one option.

A German settlement on the banks of the Paraná River is more than a century old and belongs to the United Colonies of Paraguay, South America.

Recently, these towns have seen a new influx of immigrants. Thousands of Germans have now settled in Paraguay.

Competing visions of Islam will shape Europe in the 21st century, experts said since years ago.

By 2021, Muslim migrants make up about 5% of Europe’s population, in all about 26 million. The greatest numbers live in France (9% of the population) and Sweden (8%), with noticeably only a trace in the countries bordering the eastern boundaries of Europe, such as Poland and Hungary.

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