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Russia accuses Ukraine of airstrike on civilian targets

Russia Ukraine WarRussia accuses Ukraine of airstrike on civilian targets

Moscow (Times Of Ocean)- The Russian authorities claim Ukrainian forces struck the village of Klimovo on Thursday, wounding seven civilians.

In a statement, Russia’s Investigative Committee reported that two Ukrainian attack helicopters had struck the village, which lies about eight miles from the border.

„At least six airstrikes were carried out from a low height on residential buildings,” the statement said, adding that seven people, including a toddler, were wounded.

Kremlin officials said the helicopters “illegally intruded into Russian airspace,” one of several cross-border incursions the Russians claim after their illegal invasion of Ukraine in February.

There was no immediate comment from the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense.

Several cross-border incursions have been denied by Ukrainian officials in the past month, including an apparent attack on a fuel depot outside Belgorod, Russia.

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