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Russia accuses West of dragging out war by sending weapons

Russia Ukraine WarRussia accuses West of dragging out war by sending weapons

Moscow (Times Of Ocean) – The Russian defense minister said Tuesday Russia was seeking to “liberate” eastern Ukraine, but he accused the United States and the West of prolonging the conflict by supplying arms to Kyiv.

“Our plan to liberate Donetsk and Lugansk is being implemented gradually,” Sergei Shoigu said, referring to two rebel regions in eastern Ukraine that Moscow recognizes as independent states.

“We are taking measures to restore peace,” he said in a televised meeting with Russian military commanders.

The comments by the Russian defense minister come after Kyiv accused Moscow of launching a major offensive in eastern Ukraine, marking the second stage of Moscow’s nearly two-month operation in the former Soviet state.

However, Shoigu blamed Washington and its Western allies for the bloodshed.

“The United States and Western states under its control are doing everything they can to prolong the military operation,” he explained.

“The growing volume of foreign weapons supplies graphically demonstrates their intention to provoke the Kyiv regime to fight to the end.”

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