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Russia claims destroying more Ukrainian military targets

Russia Ukraine WarRussia claims destroying more Ukrainian military targets

Moscow (The Times Groupe)- Russia on Monday said it destroyed several Ukrainian military targets over the past 24 hours.

Igor Konashenkov, the spokesman for the Russian Defense Ministry, presented the latest information about Ukraine’s losses in the conflict that began on Feb 24, saying that over the past day, the Russian forces deployed the foreign mercenaries and two batteries of multiple rocket launchers with high-precision air-based missiles.

He said the aviation destroyed a command point, a radar station of the Buk-M1 air defense system, and 63 areas of concentration of manpower and military equipment.

Over 120 nationalists were neutralized, and two tanks, seven field artillery guns, and 11 special vehicles were destroyed in the airstrikes, Konashenkov said.

A Russian air defense system downed eight Ukrainian unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), and rocket forces and artillery pounded 247 areas of concentration of manpower and military gear, 13 control points, 63 firing positions of artillery, seven rocket launcher units, and an electronic warfare station, Konashenkov said.

He said Ukraine has lost 201 fighter jets, 130 helicopters, 1,196 unmanned aerial vehicles, 338 air defense systems, 3,525 tanks, 515 multiple rocket launchers, 1,933 field guns, and 3,583 military and special vehicles.

More than 4,390 civilians have been killed in Ukraine since the war began on Feb. 24, while more than 14 million people have fled their homes, including more than 7.3 million who have fled to other countries, according to UN figures. russia targets

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