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Russian gas supply to Poland resumes; Ukraine condemns ‘gas blackmail’

PoliticsRussian gas supply to Poland resumes; Ukraine condemns 'gas blackmail'

Europe (Times Of Ocean)- Gas supplies to Poland were temporarily interrupted on Wednesday, data from the European Union’s gas transmission operators showed, raising concerns Russia may cut off gas to Ukraine’s allies as an act of “gas blackmail”.

Gazprom told Poland and Bulgaria it would cease supplying gas to “unfriendly” countries that refuse to pay in roubles.

Poland’s gas supply was briefly cut, according to EU data, but has now been restored.

As Europe and Russia’s rift over the invasion of Ukraine deepens, Poland and Bulgaria, members of NATO and the EU, said Russia would cease supplying gas to them on Wednesday.

Ukraine says Russia is blackmailing Europe over energy to break ties with its allies as fighting reaches its third month without Russia taking a major city.

Russia’s staunchest opponent, Poland, is one of the European countries seeking a tough response to its invasion of its neighbour.

Gas to Poland has been temporarily cut off by the network of gas transmission companies in the European Union, but has later been restored, with the price of gas edging up after dropping to zero.

Vladimir Malinov, executive director of Bulgarian gas network operator Bulgartransgaz, told Reuters that gas supplies from Russia were flowing for the time being.

Meanwhile, Hungary and Austria reported normal gas supplies.

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