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Tehran suggests Qatar most likely venue for Iran-US nuclear deal talks

Tehran (The Times Groupe)- Iran and the US will likely hold talks in Qatar, mediated by the European Union, to close the remaining gaps in the 2015 Iran nuclear deal framework, the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

Russia claims hitting three military training centers in Ukraine

Moscow (The Times Groupe)- The Russian Defense Ministry claimed on Sunday that its armed troops struck three Ukrainian military facilities with sophisticated weapons.

Turkey re-considers death penalty

Istanbul (The Times Groupe)- Following President Tayyip Erdogan's mention of the death penalty in connection with this week's wildfires, Turkey will reconsider a 2004 decision to abolish capital punishment.

Russian rocket strike on Ukrainian station kills over 30 people and injures 100

Russia Ukraine WarRussian rocket strike on Ukrainian station kills over 30 people and injures 100

Kyiv (Times Of Ocean)- A Russian rocket attack on a railway station in east Ukraine killed more than 30 people and injured over 100, the state railway company said on Friday.

There were two rockets fired by Russia at a station in Kramatorsk used for evacuating civilians from areas under Russian bombardment.

“Two rockets hit Kramatorsk railway station,” Ukrainian Railways said in a statement.

It later added: “According to operational data, more than 30 people were killed and more than 100 were wounded in the rocket attack on Kramatorsk railway station.”

Times Of Ocean was unable to verify the information. The Russian government did not immediately comment on the attack or the casualty count. Since Russia invaded Ukraine on Feb. 24, it has denied targeting civilians.

Thousands of people were at the station when the rockets hit, said Pavlo Kyrylenko, governor of Donetsk region.

“The ‘Rashists’ (‘Russian fascists’) knew very well where they were aiming and what they wanted: they wanted to sow panic and fear, they wanted to take as many civilians as possible,” he said.

Kyrylenko published a photograph showing several bodies on the ground, surrounded by suitcases and other luggage. Flak jacketed police stood beside them.

A second photo showed rescuers battling what appears to be a fire, with a pall of gray smoke rising into the sky.

Times Of Ocean was unable to independently verify the photos.

A strike on the line on Thursday blocked three trains carrying evacuees in the same region of Ukraine, according to the head of Ukrainian Railways.

According to Ukrainian officials, Russian forces have been reorganizing for a new offensive, in which they plan to take over as much territory as possible in the eastern part of Ukraine which borders Russia.

Several local authorities have urged civilians to leave while it is still safe to do so in some areas.

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