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Spain set to become 1st European nation to introduce 3 ‘menstrual leave’ for women

HealthSpain set to become 1st European nation to introduce 3 'menstrual leave' for women

Madrid (The Times Groupe)- New proposed legislation will outline next week could allow women in Spain to take several days of “menstrual leave” from the workplace every month.

In Spain, the government is expected to approve this measure as part of a broader draft bill on reproductive health and abortion rights, which will be released on Tuesday.

Spain is set to become the first country in Europe to introduce three days of ‘menstrual leave’ for women.

Women who suffer from severe period pains would be entitled to at least three sick days a month under the proposed law, according to El Pais.

Women suffering severe cramps, nausea, dizziness, and vomiting during their periods can even be granted a medically supervised leave of up to five days, according to the newspaper.

Only a few countries offer menstrual leave worldwide, including Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia, South Korea and Zambia.

“In times when medically the problem can’t be solved, we think it is sensitive that there should be temporary incapacity associated with this issue,” Angela Rodrguez, Spain’s Secretary of State for Equality and against Gender Violence, told El Periodico.

“We need to be clear about what a painful period is and that we do not mean a slight discomfort, but rather severe symptoms such as diarrhoea, severe headaches, and fever,” she added.

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