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Food protectionism on rise amid Russia-Ukraine war

World (The Times Groupe)- Countries worldwide have been taking protectionist measures as fears of a global food inflation crisis rise.

Sri Lanka down to its last day of petrol: New PM

Colombo (The Times Groupe)- Sri Lanka's newly appointed prime minister says that the cash-strapped island nation is running out of petroleum, and that it needs $75m in foreign exchange within the next few days to pay for essential imports, including medicine.

U.S. Monkeypox case reported, as U.K., Europe report infections in growing outbreak

Europe (The Times Groupe)- In the United States, a case of Monkeypox has been confirmed in a person who traveled to Canada recently. As of yet, no one knows if the man, who lives in Massachusetts and traveled to Canada by car, is connected to the Monkeypox outbreak in Europe.

Swedish-Iranian to be executed by May 21 for spying

PoliticsSwedish-Iranian to be executed by May 21 for spying

Tehran (The Times Groupe)- Iranian-Swedish national Ahmad Reza Jalali will be executed by May 21, local media reported Wednesday. Jalali was sentenced to death for allegedly spying for Israel in Iran.

The Iranian Students News Agency ISNA reported that Jalali was sentenced to death on charges of spying on behalf of Israel and being involved in the killing of Iranian nuclear scientists.

He was a doctor and lecturer at the Karolinska Institute in the Swedish capital Stockholm when he was arrested in Iran in April 2016. The Iranian Supreme Court upheld his death sentence for providing information to the Israeli foreign intelligence agency in 2017.

Iran prisoner swap to release more dual nationals

Jalali, who was imprisoned in Tehran in 2018, has been granted citizenship by the Swedish Foreign Ministry.

The announcement came shortly before Hamid Noury’s trial began in Sweden, where he is being tried on charges of “war crimes” and “deliberate murder.”

The Iranian Foreign Ministry summoned the Swedish envoy to protest “the baseless and fabricated accusations that the Swedish prosecutor made against Iran during Noury’s court case”, Iranian media reported earlier.

In Iran, dozens of dual nationals and foreigners are imprisoned for ambiguous charges.

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