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EU remains Monkeypox outbreak epicenter: UN

‌Brussels (The Times Groupe)- The Monkeypox outbreak in Europe continues to grow, with 25 countries reporting more than 1,500 cases or 85% of the cases, the regional head of the World Health Organization (WHO) said Wednesday.

Canadaian PM Trudeau tests positive for COVID19

Washington (The Times Groupe)- Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said he tested positive for COVID19, but felt fine since he was vaccinated.

Fitch cuts 2022 growth forecast for global economy, with biggest revision to China

New York (The Times Groupe)- The credit rating agency Fitch Ratings on Monday cut its world GDP growth forecast to 2.9% for 2022.

Crude oil prices little changed as recession worry offsets higher demand outlook

Huston (The Times Groupe)- Oil prices were little changed on Monday amid worries over a possible recession and the prospect of higher fuel demand with the start of the U.S. driving season and Shanghai's plans to reopen after two months of quarantines due to the Coronavirus.

Scotland’s Nicola Sturgeon tests positive for Covid19

Edinburgh (The Times Groupe)- Scotland's first minister, Nicola Sturgeon tested positive for Covid19.

Oil prices raise inflation, China lockdown worsens supply disruptions

Washington (The Times Groupe)- As crude oil prices rise, inflation widens while China's lockdown on Coronavirus worsens supply disruptions, Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell said Wednesday.

Iran ranks 83rd in the World for Digital Quality of Life Index 2021

Tech (Times Of Ocean)- The third annual edition of the Digital Quality of Life Index (DQL) ranks Iran 83rd among 110 countries. Covering 90% of the global population, the DQL study is conducted by the cybersecurity company Surfshark and evaluates countries based on a set of five fundamental digital wellbeing pillars. Iran, however, scores slightly better in the affordability category (31) than in the quality category (94), the e-infrastructure category (68), the e-security category (93) and the e-government category (81).

Biden to host summit of ASEAN leaders in Washington

Washington (Times Of Ocean)- President Joe Biden will host the leaders of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) on May 12 and 13, White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki said on Saturday.

Climate danger zone; UN chief chides leaders for lying about efforts

CLIMATE CHANGE (Times Of Ocean)- The Unites Nations chief Antonio Guterres accused governments and businesses of "lying" about climate change efforts in a landmark report released on Monday (Apr 4).

Sri Lanka lifts curfew in capital after protests over economic crisis

Colombo (Times Of Ocean)- Sri Lanka has imposed a curfew in the capital Colombo after protesters smashed a window in the private residence of President Gotabaya Rajapaksa.

Russia-Ukraine war worsening global food crisis: US

Washington (Times Of Ocean)- The Russian war in Ukraine is worsening the global food crisis already caused by the COVID19 virus, US Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman stated on Tuesday.

The Rich get new COVID19 vaccine before the poor

New Delhi (Times Of Ocean)- The company behind a COVID19 vaccine hailed as a panacea for the developing world has sent tens of millions of doses to wealthy nations, but not to the U.N.-backed effort to supply poorer countries, another sign of inequity in the response to the pandemic.

Ukraine could lose $6 billion in grain exports due to blocked ports

Lviv (Times Of Ocean)- A senior industry official said Ukraine may suffer a $6 billion loss in grain revenue due to the blockade of its ports by Russian forces, which prevents it from selling millions of tonnes of wheat and corn that had been destined for export by June.

Casualties as car smashes into carnival in Belgium

Brussels (Times Of Ocean)- An incident at the carnival of Strepy-Bracquegnies, near the former coal-mining town of La Louviere, has left at least six dead and 26 wounded.

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