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Tag: Eastern Europe

Retired general makes prediction about Putin's plan in Ukraine

Retired Maj. General James "Spider" Marks outlines Russian President Vladimir Putin's plan to partition Ukraine and predicts that Ukrainian forces will not be able...

UK urges west to supply Ukraine with fighter jets

London (Times Of Ocean)- Foreign Secretary Liz Truss will say the UK and western powers should provide warplanes to Ukraine as part of long-term military support.

Escape from Mariupol | Russia-Ukraine War

Ukrainian families are taking enormous risks to try to flee Mariupol, traveling through Russian checkpoints — and in some cases land mines — to...

What are the sticking points ahead of the next Ukraine-Russia talks?

The Turkish president's spokesperson, Ibrahim Kalin, speaks to CNN's Becky Anderson ahead of Ukraine and Russia's next round of in-person peace talks set to...

Ukrainian Families Flee to Moldova | Russia-Ukraine War

Moldova, one of Europe’s smallest and poorest countries, has taken in more than 100,000 refugees from Ukraine. But Moldova’s ability to protect them is...

Gunshots rang out as CNN gets first look at standoff in East Ukraine

Gunshots rang out as CNN's Alex Marquardt visited Eastern Ukraine to speak with troops and get a firsthand look at the standoff with Russia.#CNN...

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