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Disney marriage proposal gone wrong

A Disney employee ruins couple's marriage proposal by snatching the ring mid-proposal at Disneyland theme park in Paris on 'The Big Saturday Show.' #foxnews Subscribe...

Russia says sanctions will not affect gas payments from Europe, bringing down gas prices

Europe (The Times Groupe)- The price of natural gas per megawatt-hour in Europe decreased by 4.3% on Tuesday amid reports that Russia told European buyers that they could pay for gas without violating sanctions.

Rise of far-right in Europe shouldn’t be underestimated

Europe (The Times Groupe)- The rise of far-right movements in Europe should not be underestimated, a prominent Spanish journalist and author on the subject warned Thursday.

WHO estimates nearly 15M deaths linked to COVID19 so far

Geneva (The Times Groupe)- World Health Organization (WHO) estimates COVID19 killed 13.3 to 16.6 million people in 2020 and 2021, more than double the official death toll of around 6 million.

US, European weapons hit in Odessa strikes: Russia

Moscow (Times Of Ocean)- Russia said it destroyed weapons supplied to Ukraine by the US and Europe and a runway at a military airfield near Odessa on Sunday.

Thousands died or went missing at sea in hope of reaching Europe

Europe (Times Of Ocean)- The UN refugee agency (UNHCR) says more than 3,000 people died or went missing while crossing into Europe in 2021.

Russia suspends gas delivery to Poland, Bulgaria

Russia is suspending gas deliveries to Poland and Bulgaria. The decision has escalated tensions with the West while also highlighting Europe's dependence on Russian imports....

Russian gas supply to Poland resumes; Ukraine condemns ‘gas blackmail’

Europe (Times Of Ocean)- Gas supplies to Poland were temporarily interrupted on Wednesday, data from the European Union's gas transmission operators showed, raising concerns Russia may cut off gas to Ukraine's allies as an act of "gas blackmail".

Treating soldiers: Russia accused of targeting field hospitals

Al Jazeera's @Charles Stratford spent the night at a Ukrainian army field hospital, near the front line in the east. Warning: His exclusive report contains...

UK lawmakers approve probe into PM Boris Johnson’s ‘Partygate’

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is set to face a parliamentary investigation, into the so-called Partygate scandal. Johnson has come under intense pressure after being...

EU sanctions head of Russian mercenary group Wagner

Europe (Times Of Ocean)- The European Union on Thursday has blacklisted the head of the Wagner Group for actions that violate Ukraine's territorial integrity.

G7 finance ministers commit more than $24B to Ukraine

Europe (Times Of Ocean)- Over $24 billion has been committed by the finance ministers and central bank governors of the Group of Seven (G7) countries to support Ukraine in the war with Russia in 2022.

Leaders of Spain, Germany, Portugal urge French voters to reject far-right Le Pen

Paris (Times Of Ocean)- Ahead of France's crucial presidential election, European leaders rallied Thursday in support of incumbent Emmanuel Macron and warned French voters against choosing "a far-right candidate who openly sides with those that attack our freedom and democracy."

Will the war in Ukraine worsen global food shortages? | Inside Story

Russia's invasion of Ukraine has upended the flow of food, fuel and money around the world. The U.N. warns the conflict's cascading effects could have...

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