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Turkish president welcomes Saudi crown prince with official ceremony

Ankara (The Times Groupe)- Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman was officially welcomed by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Wednesday in the capital of Ankara.

Turkey, Saudi Arabia show common will to enhance ties: Erdogan

Ankara (Times Of Ocean)- The Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Saturday that Ankara and Riyadh have demonstrated a commitment to developing bilateral relations at the highest level.

Iran opens new centrifuge-parts workshop at Natanz

Vienna (Times Of Ocean)- Iran has started operating a new workshop at Natanz that will manufacture parts for uranium-enriching centrifuges using machines moved from its now-closed Karaj facility, the U.N. nuclear watchdog said in a report on Thursday seen by Reuters.

FTO-IRGC threatens Azerbaijan and Turkey with its missiles

Middle East (Times Of Ocean)- The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) has released a video threatening Turkey and Azerbaijan with its missiles.

Mullah is sly as a fox

Non-Iranian intelligence agencies do not appear to know what is going on. Several weeks ago, there was a flood of Israeli predictions of an imminent deal in Vienna but those fears have certainly not materialized and now even the Americans appear sceptical at the feasibility of a return to the JCPOA.

Germany seeks to buy Israeli or US missile defense system

Berlin (Times Of Ocean)- The German government is considering buying a missile defense system from Israel or the United States to fend off threats such as Russian Iskander missiles in Kaliningrad, German weekly Welt am Sonntag reported on Saturday

Iran strikes Iraq target over gas talks involving Israel

Baghdad (Times Of Ocean)- An emerging plan to supply gas to Turkey and Europe from Kurdistan, with Israeli help, angered Iran enough to strike the Kurdish capital Erbil with ballistic missiles this month, Iraqi and Turkish officials say.

Russia-wary EU considers Israel-Turkey gas pipeline

Ankara/Jerusalem (Times Of Ocean)- A Turkey-Israel gas pipeline is being discussed behind the scenes as an alternative to Russian energy supplies for Europe, but a deal will require complicated negotiations, officials in both countries say.

Israel to assign military attache to US 5th Fleet

Persian Gulf (Times Of Ocean)- Israel is preparing to appoint a military attache to theUS Navy's Fifth Fleet in Bahrain, an Israeli diplomat said on Monday.

Netanyahu warns against new Iran Nuclear Deal

Tel Aviv (Times Of Ocean)- Benjamin Netanyahu, the former prime minister of Israel, warned against President Joe Biden's efforts to revive the Iran nuclear deal, calling it a "dangerous development."

Germany has no plans to develop supersonic weapons

Berlin (Times Of Ocean)- Germany says it does not currently have a plan to produce supersonic weapons.

Israel’s PM will visit India in early April

Tel Aviv (Times Of Ocean)- Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett will visit India on April 2 for talks on strengthening ties between the two countries, according to his office.

Israelis partaking in 'Freedom Convoy' against Covid-19 restrictions arrive in Jerusalem | AFP

Police direct traffic as vehicles partaking in a 'Freedom Convoy' against Covid-19 restrictions arrive in Jerusalem from 40 cities across Israel. The demonstration is...

Who Assassinated Iranian Nuclear “Scientists”?

Ali Khamaneii (the “Supreme Leader”) always talks about “the enemy”, but isn’t it about time to find out to what extent this “enemy” truly exists?

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