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Tag: Kids

Empty Classrooms, Abandoned Kids: Inside The Great Teacher Resignation | NYT Opinion

Across the United States, educators are walking out en masse. Vacancies — from teachers to bus drivers to custodians — aren’t being filled, and...

Biden HITS BACK At DeSantis On Trans Kids, Signs EO Protecting Gender-Affirming Care

CEO of Status Coup, Jordan Chariton, and culture editor at the Federalist, Emily Jashinsky, weigh in on the White House's pushback against efforts to...

Kellyanne Conway: We know which party made our kids political pawns

The former counselor to President Trump discusses the impact of liberal policies on children's education and parental rights and weighs in on the top...

If the Queen Can Handle COVID, Why Are We Still Masking Kids?: Robby Soave

Robby Soave gives his thoughts on Queen Elizabeth's covid diagnosis and makes the case for unmasking children. Queen Elizabeth II image courtesy of Steve Parsons,...

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