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Tag: Stockholm

Swedish premier threatens to step down if no-confidence vote against justice minister succeeds

Stockholm (The Times Groupe)- Swedish Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson announced Thursday that she would step down if a vote of no-confidence succeeds against the justice minister.

Sweden sends delegation to Ankara to discuss NATO membership

Stockholm (The Times Groupe)- The Swedish government announced Sunday that it sends a delegation of diplomats to Turkey to discuss Sweden's desire to join NATO.

Sweden is likely to make a decision by mid-May on joining NATO

Stockholm (Times Of Ocean)- Sweden is expected to make a final decision on joining NATO by mid-May, the foreign minister said. He also pledged a stronger security commitment to the military alliance of 30 countries if Sweden joined.

Iran holds Sweden accountable for desecration of Quran

Tehran (Times Of Ocean)- Iran says it holds the Swedish government responsible for the burning of the Quran by leader of Danish far-right political party Stram Kurs or Hard Line.

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