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The role of Marxists in 1979 Islamic Revolution in Iran

UncategorizedThe role of Marxists in 1979 Islamic Revolution in Iran

The conspiracy to destroy Iran at the Guadeloupe conference, which could be discussed for hours, is not the subject of this article. Iranian Marxists

My focus is on the 1970 revolt, or the Islamic Revolution, which followed the British-led mission of destroying Iran by assigning to Ruhollah Khomeini the most illiterate and non-Iranian person, as well as the greatest enemy of prosperity and happiness. India-born Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini was the mission’s most influential agent.

“Red and Black Colonization” are two sides of the same coin, and the Iranian Communists have been well informed so far that their success depends on unity with religious influencers. So, are you asking if Ayatollah Khomeini is just another illiterate Mullah or is he caught in the web of Iranian Marxists? We want to see how he accomplished this mission.

My point is not how Khomeini deceived everyone, from intellectuals to students to the National Front. Next, I will discuss the Iranian Marxists’ role during the 1979 uprising and during the disgraceful Islamic Republic era (post-revolution period). Some people believe the Islamic Revolution is the first time communists in Iran have been able to hide under the cloak of [black] religious authority.

When we examine Iran’s entire history, the events throughout its past show that the first communist-led uprisings took place under the banner of religion or for the sake of religion or for the sake of religion.

Having studied at the People’s Friendship University of Russia (Patrice Lumumba University), Khamenei, who is following the direct demands of Britain with considering western passivity toward Islam, is leading Iran to destruction.

Iranian patriots, however, expect us to discuss a way to save Iran, and successive enlightenments do not cure our nation, and after 43 years the revelations are sufficient.

As for me, the past is a beacon of the future, important for planning the future, and we must first understand how the calamity descended in the form of an eroded disaster on our nation.

As a brief introduction, following the Persian Constitutional Revolution endorsed by Mozaffar ad-Din Shah Qajar – a revolutionary movement that was among the most innovative in the region ever – Caucasian Marxists attempted to establish their first communist state in Iran.

An Iranian communist state would likely be a satirical movement without an existing working class. Because Iran was not an industrial country.

Rather than considering the transitions and periods of capitalism from Marx’ point of view, Russian Marxists probably attempted to achieve their goals and resolve problems through a peasant uprising.

Dr. Trimanov, Haydar Khan Amo-oghli, Javad Sosialist, and others argued that the idea could be implemented in a peasant country like Iran, but the movement should be conducted in the name of religion.

In honor of the anniversary of the birth of Shiite Imam Muhammad al-Mahdi, a religious sect called “Abolfazl Abbas” was founded, which became the base of 14 headquarters in northern Gilan province, located alongside the Caspian Sea.

Without mentioning their communist ideology, they cited to a verse from the Quran “The cultivation belongs to the farmer, even if it is usurped land”.

They used this trick to expropriate lands from landlords and redistribute them to peasants. They also cited to another verse of Quran “Significant degrees from God and His forgiveness and mercy” to enjoy superiority from God.

In addition, they formed a terrorist group to assassinate rivals or dissidents and intimidate those who didn’t obey. Until the Revolution of 1957, these terrorist methods and street violence continued.

The sect members were named Mujahid (soldier of the holy war) whose activities were called Fadaei (self-sacrificing).

These names are similar to those of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran, dubbed MEK, during the 1979 Islamic Revolution, which used communist terrorist methods to implement the street methods of the Islamic Revolt (under the name of religion and religious beliefs).

They also assigned a Mullah Seyyed Jalal, known as Jalal Rioter. Along with local influencers, Jalal urged peasants not to pay their landlords’ rent. As soon as the peasants saw that the move was God’s command in holy Quran, they followed.

A warehouse belonging to one of the leaders of the Persian Constitutional Revolution was looted in Tonekabon, Mazandaran province, and a landlord was killed by peasants in another city. In several cities, peasants detained security forces and abused landlords or the rich.

After the militia sect was dissolved, a similar sect became the nucleus of the Persian Socialist Soviet Republic of Iran, from which Mirza Kuchak Khan emerged.

The mullahs had named the rulers ‘the shadow of God’, so that they could be called the Ayatollah (‘Sign of God in the world’).

Any revolutionary socialist movement in a religious society has always attempted to reconcile its religious teachings with the tools of religion in order to attract the masses, just as the oppressed Jesus in Christian nations is compared to the innocence of the deprived classes.

Marxists hiding under the robes of priests try to take advantage of what they are getting.

In his view, Islam follows the principles of socialism more closely than any other religion, according to Dr. Narimanov, the leader of the Islam Party in the Soviet Union. It’s enough to eradicate the power of present capitalism and to block the way for future governmental authority and capitalist power.

In Khomeini’s time

As Khomeini put down communist factions in the Islamic Revolt, the People’s Fedai Guerrillas or MEK as well as other Marxist groups, and imprisoned or executed the leaders of the Tudeh Party and exiled or arrested leftists, there was a suspicion that the Islamic Revolt rejected the Marxists.

And this time, vigilant Western politicians, using their past experiences, have not allowed this 5-star luxury hotel to fall into the hands of the leftist comrades.

Mullahs such as MohammadReza Mahdavi Kani, AbdulKarim Mousavi Ardebili, and Rafsanjani prevented the communists from achieving their goals in Iran as agents of the U.K.

The Mullahs, however, were divided into two groups, leftists (so-called reformists) and hardliners, which Khamenei almost destroyed both sides.

It can be well understood that this analysis is a childish optimism because:

Underground leftist groups have penetrated the religious government to such an extent that even the most powerful and effective leaders of the Islamic Republic can’t review it.

Geopolitical factors, however, prevent the establishment of a communist government in Iran.

The Islamic Revolution is getting closer to its goal, which is to distribute poverty among everyone in society until it is completely spread.

Some believe the Islamic Republic successfully transitioned from feudalism and capitalism to socialism and communism in the first ten years of its rule.

Obviously, the religious bourgeoisie (middle class) overthrew the Pahlavi dynasty.

But the religious bourgeoisie is abandoned, and a monopolistic dictatorship grows like Stalin’s era, wrapping itself like the ‘Common Ivy’ plant around the tree and destroying it.

By carrying out terrorist operations, they almost eliminated all the influential religious leaders, from Beheshti to Motahhari, and from Bahonar to Dastgheib to pave the way for left-wing elements.

The leftists have incited the mullahs to massacre the former leaders of the Pahlavi regime, those who had sincerely served Iran like Hoveyda, Farrokhroo Parsa, Nader Jahanbani (Iranian general, distinguished fighter pilot of Imperial Iranian Air Force and the deputy chief of the IIAF under Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi, the late Shah of Iran).

“They are not accused, but their guilt has been proven; all that’s left is to prove their identity and then kill them. There is no need to carry out a trial.”

The Iranian Marxists were unsatisfied with this and demanded more action, demanding that all officers be executed.

In Khamenei’s time

Khamenei, who studied at the People’s Friendship University of Russia (Patrice Lumumba University), continued his former counterpart Khomeini to destroy Iran. And now, there is a rift between Russophils, Anglophiles and Americanophiles in Iran.

“The current Iranian revolution (Islamic Revolution) is religious because Shiism in this country has deep roots linked to the masses’ national ideals,” said the communist political leader Noureddin Kianouri.

An active supporter of the Communist Tudeh Party of Iran from the late 1940s to the mid-1980s, Siavash Kasrai, who fled Iran through Soviet Union in 1983, said “they (the Soviet Union leaders) lied to us”.

In his poem, he supported the revolutionary massacre.

This is how the Iranian communists fueled violence by the revolutionaries during the 1979 Islamic Revolution in Iran and, in fact, used poetry as a pretext for ordering executions and murders by Khomeinist courts:

I have a message for you

O’ Imam

That I am the tongue of the earthlings and the messenger of sufferings

Peace be upon you

You came

Welcome to you, blessed one who creates the uprising

the people

Take our rights

Grant our just deliverance

Do not put your drawn sword in the sheath

Now that your rope of power is tied onto it

While the sharpness of your bowie knife cuts through


Gathered by: Asadollah Nasr-Esfahani, Iranian military officer and politician who served as governor of Fars and Kerman, and the Ministry of Interior during the Imperial State of Iran, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi era.

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