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Ukraine war could last until end of 2023: UK’s Johnson

Russia Ukraine WarUkraine war could last until end of 2023: UK's Johnson

London (Times Of Ocean)- British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said Friday that there may be no swift end to the conflict in Ukraine despite the stiff resistance to Russia’s invasion, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said Friday.

He told reporters: “The sad thing is there’s a realistic possibility that fighting could continue into next year.”

In a two-day visit to India, Johnson said Russian President Vladimir Putin made a “catastrophic blunder” by ordering the invasion.

“The only option he now has really is to continue to try to use his appalling grinding approach,” he added.

He also detailed plans and potential military support for Ukraine and its neighbors.

Johnson said a “realistic” negotiation to end the conflict is unlikely at the moment, but Europe and Ukraine themselves will need to discuss future security arrangements later.

“The Ukrainians want, and now seem to be getting, a collection of security guarantees from like-minded countries, security commitments about how we can back them up,” he said.

Weaponry, training, and intelligence sharing could be included to potentially prevent future Russian attacks on Ukraine.

U.K. Embassy in Kyiv to reopen
Johnson announced that Britain is looking at strengthening allies who sent armaments to Ukraine and plans to reopen its embassy in Kyiv next week.

Before Russia invaded Ukraine, the British government announced that its embassy in Kyiv was relocating temporarily and staff would be operating from a diplomatic office in Lviv.

“As a result of (Ukrainian) President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s extraordinary fortitude and the success of the Ukrainian people in resisting Russian troops in Kyiv, we will reopen our embassy in Ukraine’s capital city shortly – next week,” Johnson told a news conference.

It describes its incursion as a “special military operation” to demilitarize and “denazify” Ukraine. Kyiv and its Western allies reject that as a false pretext for an illegal war of aggression.

Johnson also said that Britain would see what it could do to reinforce military equipment in countries such as Poland in order to enable them to send heavier weapons to Ukraine.

“We are considering sending tanks to Poland to help them as they send some of their T-72 tanks to Ukraine,” he said.

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