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UN passes resolution demanding aid access, end Ukraine war

Russia Ukraine WarUN passes resolution demanding aid access, end Ukraine war

UNITED NATIONS (Times Of Ocean)- The United Nations General Assembly has reportedly adopted a resolution demanding aid access and civilian protection in Ukraine – and criticising Russia for creating a ‘dire’ humanitarian situation.

U.N. General Assembly again overwhelmingly isolates Russia over Ukraine, asked Russia end Ukraine war.

A resolution drafted by Ukraine and 90 co-sponsors entitled Humanitarian consequences of the aggression against Ukraine was adopted by 193 Member States with 140 votes in favor, five against – Russia, Syria, North Korea, Eritrea and Belarus – and 38 abstentions.

On the second day of deliberations on competing draft resolutions addressing Ukraine’s humanitarian crisis, 67 States voted not to take action and voted on a second text authored by South Africa, Humanitarian situation emanating from the conflict in Ukraine, which did not reference Russia or its role in starting the conflict.

Even so, 50 countries gathered in the General Assembly Hall supported the Russian-backed South African draft, and 36 abstained, but the resolution did not gain enough support to proceed to a vote.

Further, In addition, Aljazerra reported Thursday that almost three-quarters of the United Nations General Assembly voted to demand aid access and civilian protection in Ukraine, and criticized Russia for creating a “dire” humanitarian situation after Moscow invaded its neighbour one month ago.

The 193-member General Assembly has now isolated Russia twice in response to what Moscow calls a “special military operation” aimed at destroying Ukraine’s military infrastructure. UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has condemned Russia’s “absurd war”.

A resolution drafted by Ukraine and allies on Thursday received 140 votes in favor and five votes against – from Russia, Syria, North Korea, Eritrea and Belarus – while 38 countries, including China, abstained.

Ukraine and its allies were trying to match or improve on support for a General Assembly resolution deploring Russia’s “aggression,” which demanded it withdraw its troops. It received 141 “yes” votes, the same five “no” votes, while 35 states – including China – abstained.

“There’s really no difference between 141 and 140,” Linda Thomas-Greenfield, the US ambassador to the UN, told reporters after the vote on Thursday.

Russia was not mentioned in South Africa’s draft resolution, which focused on the humanitarian situation. Russia urged countries to support the text, claiming that the draft by Ukraine and allies had been politicized.

After Ukraine called a vote under a rule relating to draft resolutions, the General Assembly decided not to act on the South African draft.

The resolution adopted on Thursday calls for the protection of civilians, medical personnel, aid workers, journalists, hospitals, and other civilian infrastructure. In addition, it calls for an end to the siege of cities, especially Mariupol.

The Ukraine and its Western allies accuse Moscow of targeting civilians indiscriminately. Russian officials deny targeting civilians.

As in the General Assembly resolution of March 2, the resolution calls on Moscow to stop fighting and withdraw its troops from Ukraine.

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