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US sanctions Putin’s daughters, bans all new investment in Russia

Russia Ukraine WarUS sanctions Putin's daughters, bans all new investment in Russia

Washington (Times Of Ocean)- The United States announced Wednesday a broad new slate of sanctions against Russia, including first-time individual sanctions on the two adult daughters of Russian President Vladimir Putin.
A US senior administration official says we believe that many of Putin’s assets are hidden by his family members.
Kateryna Tikhonovna and Maria Putina are in their 30s, are seldom seen in public, and are almost never mentioned by their father. The Kremlin has only ever referred to them by their first names.
In 2015, Putin, however, acknowledged that his daughters lived in Russia and were fluent in multiple languages, but said, “To talk about where exactly my daughters work and what they do—I have never done this and am not going to do it now, for many reasons, including security issues.”
The U.S. will also sanction Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s wife and daughter, as well as former Russian President and Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev and Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin.
The United States imposed these latest sanctions as a direct response to shocking new evidence of Russian troops committing war crimes in the Ukrainian town of Bucha.
Several civilians were found shot to death with their hands tied behind their backs in this village after Russia occupied it for weeks.
U.S. President Joe Biden will also sign a new executive order prohibiting any new investment by Americans in Russia, which will apply both to U.S. residents and those abroad.
For the first time, Sberbank and Alfa Bank, two of Russia’s largest banks, will also be subject to full blocking sanctions, though with exceptions for purchases of energy.
The Treasury Department will announce specific entities under full blocking sanctions later this week, the White House said.
A senior administration official says new sanctions are being coordinated with members of the G-7 group of developed economies and the European Union to maximize their impact and minimize the possibility of the Kremlin evading them.

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