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Russia committing war crimes in Ukraine: US

Russia Ukraine WarRussia committing war crimes in Ukraine: US

Washington (Times Of Ocean)- US officials said Monday they have “clear evidence” that Russia committed war crimes against Ukraine as its military campaign against the East European nation neared a month.

Pentagon says it will help gather evidence of Russia’s war crimes.

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said there is an investigation underway and the US will help gather evidence of war crimes as part of the process.

“We certainly see clear evidence that Russian forces are committing more crimes, and we are helping with the collecting of evidence of that,” he told a press briefing. “As for what would come out of that, that’s not a decision that the Pentagon leadership would make.”

Jen Psaki, White House spokeswoman, earlier said that Russia is conducting an “unprovoked and unjustified” war against Ukraine.

“We’re seeing clear evidence that they’re intentionally targeting civilians and committing indiscriminate attacks. The president’s comments speak to the horror, of the brutality that Russia and President (Vladimir) Putin are inflicting,” she added.

Biden called Putin a “war criminal” last week.

The war that Russia began against Ukraine on Feb. 24 has been roundly denounced by the international community and met with biting sanctions and export controls. An exodus of global firms from Russia has exacerbated the economic fallout.

According to the UN, 925 civilians have been killed and 1,496 injured in the conflict.

Yet the international body warns that the true toll is “considerably higher.”

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