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Zelenskyy Rejects Bennett Advice to Surrender to Russia

Russia Ukraine WarZelenskyy Rejects Bennett Advice to Surrender to Russia

Tel Aviv (Times Of Ocean)- In a phone call, Naftali Bennett told Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy on Tuesday that he recommends Ukraine surrender to Russia.

Among the conditions of the deal announced on Monday are Ukraine’s formal ceding of Crimea to Russia, the recognition of Donetsk and Luhansk independence, and a constitutional amendment forbidding membership in Western institutions.

Bennett said, “If I were you, I would think about the lives of my people and take the offer,” the source said.

“I hear you,” Zelenskyy responded.

In addition, Bennett reportedly asked Ukraine to stop requesting more military assistance from the West, arguing that this would undermine mediation efforts by escalating the situation.

The insinuation reportedly offended Zelenskyy and his advisers.

“Bennett told us to surrender,” the official alleged. “We have no intention of doing so. We know Putin’s offer is only the beginning.”

Bennett’s mediator efforts were characterized as nothing more than passing messages between the two parties, and it was suggested that Bennett may be biased.

“We don’t need a mailbox,” said the official. “We have enough of those. If Bennett wants to be neutral and mediate, we would expect to see him appoint someone to work on it day and night and try to get a compromise.”

The official said that the Ukrainian government believes Bennett’s desire to be involved in diplomatic efforts between the two countries stems more from not wanting to take a public stance against Russia than from a desire to end the conflict fairly.


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